Community Connections

Kids n Kops

The Kids 'n' Kops Program is a joint initiative between Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Charlottetown Polices Services.  The program runs for three to five days in the summertime, with kids spending the morning and early afternoon with Big Brothers Big Sisters staff and police officers.  This innovative program:
  • Enables Big Brothers Big Sisters to ensure kids on our wait-list are involved with our organization
  • Encourages kids to gain a realistic concept of police officers
  • Provides adult role models for the kids
  • Promotes kids' trust in law enforcement officers
  • Provides kids with at least three days to participate in a range of fun activities

The kids who sign up for this program are those who have yet to be matched with a Big Brother or Big Sister.  They are enthusiastic participants, and their energy and excitement are the reasons for the program's success.

CPS Choir

This is the 13th year in a row the 12-officer CPS choir has performed for the elderly citizens of Charlottetown during the holiday season.  The choir, which was formed in 1996, has also performed for royalty on two occasions, with the RCMP Musical Ride and at the National Memorial Service in Ottawa and the International Police Memorial in Cleveland, Ohio. The choir performs throughout the year at City celebrations, and at the funerals of officers and their family members.  All of the proceeds of choir’s first CD, released in 2000, went to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Book the CPS Choir - Only requests for Charity and Non-Profit events will be considered.  Thank You.

School Liaison Officers

The Charlottetown Police Services (CPS) has presently a School Liaison Officer assigned to every high school and Junior High in the city.  Officers will visit the schools on their scheduled day shifts from Monday to Friday. The Officers will be spent time schools with a goal of facilitating crime prevention and fostering positive relationships between the police and youth.

Crime prevention can be achieved through education, mentoring, counselling and advising students on police-related matters. Crime prevention can also be achieved through the Liaison Officer participation in extra-curricular activities, parent council meetings, neighbourhood meetings and by liaising with the teachers, support staff, administrators and the school board.

Major Responsibilities:

The overall major duties of the School Liaison Officer can be broken down into three required areas:
  • Provide a positive role-model and mentor for youth and promote positive interaction between youth, the police and the school’s neighbours.

  • Educate and counsel youth and their families on law related matters through classroom lessons, school presentations, individual counselling and parent meetings.

  • Enforce the Law by responding to calls at the schools and taking on pro-active initiatives as well as gathering intelligence information and forwarding it to the Intelligence Branch.