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Winter Parking Ban


November 18, 2016

The public is reminded of the winter on-street parking ban between 1 and 6 a.m, daily.  Charlottetown’s Police Services and Public Works department appreciates the public’s cooperation to help make sure they are able to provide fast and effective services. The City will strive to post information on this page to alert the public of when snow clearing, plowing and de-icing will be taking place and parking restrictions will be enforced. The onus still lies with residents to be aware of weather conditions and move their vehicles when snow clearing, plowing or de-icing will be taking place. Please visit the City of Charlottetown website regarding this issue City Website Winter Parking Ban If your car has been towed, call Charlottetown Police at 902-629-4172. Tickets can be paid at Charlottetown City Hall at 199 Queen Street or at City Police headquarters at 10 Kirkwood Drive. Tickets can also be paid online at: Online Fine(s) Payment

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