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Stop the Spread of Sexual Images or Videos


October 1, 2015 is designed to help teens stop the spread of sexual pictures or videos and provides support along the way. The main sections of the site include:

Removing Pictures and/or Videos: Submitting requests to social networking sites for the removal of sexual pictures or videos, including step-by-step instructions for popular sites and what information to provide in the request.

Dealing with Peers regarding cyberbullying, harassment or alienation resulting from youth seeing or knowing about a sexual picture/video of a peer.

Getting Emotional Support: Seeking support from family, friends and/or other safe adults, in addition to information on coping strategies and managing stress.

The Law and Reporting: Some criminal offences in Canada that may apply when youth are dealing with a sexual picture/video circulating among peers and the associated fall-out, as well as information on reporting these issues.

Helping a Friend: Recognizing when a friend is not doing well or in emotional distress and the steps that can be taken to help support and assist the friend.

Information for Parents: Talking to teens about this issue, possibly to prevent it from happening, along with providing information on what to do for a child who is negatively impacted by peers sharing a sexual picture or video.

Responding to Youth in Crisis: The causes of trauma, the behaviour of youth in crisis, the impacts of trauma on youth, what youth in crisis need from adults, signs of suicidal thoughts, and steps parents can take when responding to a child in crisis.

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